Friday, May 3, 2013

Dinotopia map in 4,000 wood dowels

Warren Woodson recreated the map of Dinotopia as a wood sculpture.

It is 24" x 24" and is entirely hand-made, including the roughly 4,000 hand-made wooden dowels. 


RobNonStop said...

Impressive. Even the fan art for Dinotopia is monumental.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge admirer of Mr. Gurney, and creating this wooden map of Dinotopia was my way of "tipping my hat". We all know Mr. Gurney to be mind-bogglingly talented and imaginative, but I also found him to be incredibly humble and approachable when I met him at last year's Spectrum event. He is my all time favorite artist, which given the sheer magnitude of incredibly talented people on this planet, that's saying a lot.

Ken said...

I have two questions for Mr Gurney

1. Can you recommend any history painters or draughtsmans that specialized in European imperialism?
2.This is a bit of a random question but do you know your IQ?

Many thanks