Thursday, July 11, 2013

Drew Struzan documentary

A new documentary film about movie poster artist Drew Struzan will premiere at ComicCon a week from tomorrow. (Video link)

Struzan created many of the legendary poster images from the '70s through the '90s, until photomontage solutions took over. Struzan was and is a master of synthesizing the excitement, glamour, and acting personality of a film in a single image. When you first saw a Struzan poster, it made you want to go watch the film, and then once you experienced the film, the Struzan image lived as the symbol of the film in your mind's eye.

The documentary includes interviews with Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, Guillermo del Toro, Leonard Maltin and many others. It will release widely to theaters August 16.
More at Slashfilm 
There are two good art books on Struzan: Drew Struzan: Oeuvre, and The Art of Drew Struzan


Joanne Roberts said...

Thank-you for the heads up. Like Richard Amsel before him, Struzan was a huge influence on my passion for art. I am glad he is receiving some well-deserved attention.

Jason de Graaf said...

Nice to see him getting more recognition. Too bad the photomontage pushed his art away, even though his designs and aesthetic are still a huge influence.

Chris Jouan said...

What a coincidence, I was just educating a friend about his work two days ago! I read "The Art of Drew Struzan" and it was amazing to see his process. It was also a sad commentary on the devaluing of painted imagery. Movie posters today all have the same aesthetic quality with processed imagery of the title character(s). I saw so many movies simply on the strength of Struzan's work.

RobNonStop said...
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