Monday, July 29, 2013

Museum works with living artist to replicate old master techniques

(Video link) To help get the word out about its recent watercolor exhibition, the Tate Museum in London enlisted contemporary artist Mike Chaplin to replicate some of the techniques of J.M.W. Turner from 200 years ago. 

There are three films in the "How to Paint Like Turner" series from the Tate.

Thanks, Marney Morris 


RobNonStop said...

I would love to take a tour through any old masters exhibition with a contemporary artist. This should become a trend, great marketing.

Dave Brasgalla said...

@RobNonStop - it's an amazing opportunity, I can tell you. When I was producing some art workshops here in Stockholm last year, I had the very great luck to be able to tour the Nationalmuseum twice in one week - once with Justin Gerard, and then again with Petar Meseldžija (in company with fellow Stockholm artist Sofie Arloff each time).

Both tours were a total treat, yet completely different experiences within the same exhibition. Justin's encyclopedic knowledge of the science behind paint and painting made for vivid new perspectives on some familiar works. Petar's individualistic passions drew us to examine and discuss other aspects of the same pieces.

One favourite moment: Justin standing before Hanna Pauli's amazing "Frukostdags" ("Breakfast time"), grinning at us through his jet lag and saying, "You know who would really love this? Gurney!".

Deborah Healy said...

Just great....thanks.

RobNonStop said...

RE Dave Brasgalla: Wow sounds great, thanks for sharing!

Janet Oliver said...

These are wonderful! Thank you for posting.

Miguel Ruivo said...

James i saw this movies on Tate Britain, in London, there is also a book which i also purchased