Monday, July 1, 2013

Illustration magazine: Stavrinos and Lindsay

Issue 41 of Illustration magazine is now available. The cover feature is called "Moonfall: The Life and Art of George Stavrinos" by Bradford R. Hamann.

Stavrinos (1948-1990) was famous for his fashion and advertising illustration, elegantly drawn in pencil.

The other article is called "Norman Lindsay in London" by Louis Irmo. Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) was a versatile Australian artist known for his etchings, political cartoons, sculptures, and models, but this article focuses mainly on his risqué watercolor nudes.

Illustration magazine is 80 pages printed in full color, and you can preview it online.


Justin said...

Any idea on how he achieved that wonderful grainy quality of the shadows and fabric? Could it be stippling or a toothier paper?

Getting back into art after a 15 year hiatus and your blog has been a great inspiration. Thank you! -justin

Rich said...

Love that "Moonfall": What a timeless elegance - it really does deserve to be on the front page!

Circle and square I see in the genereal design, and what I'd call some inventive adaption of surroundings and ambiance to the figure; the background square, for instance, rounded out with that "dogear" at the upper left - and how this "rhymes" with that hat!

Hats off!