Monday, July 22, 2013

Video with "graphic novel" look

Is it possible for a computer to process a video so that it looks like a comic book?

Friday Lunch from Tinrocket, LLC on Vimeo.
This video by Tinrocket (Direct link to video) demonstrates a beta version of a "graphic novel filter" that can be applied to video images. The software has a few tricks that go beyond a normal Photoshop filter, and those tricks are part of a patent application that's currently in the works.

The magnified visual "noise," the low frame rate, and the stark simplicity of the black and white imparts an artistic effect. This happens not only because the images superficially remind us of the appearance of human-created drawings, but because the computer software simulates some of the organic processes of human visual perception.

In the coming years, with advances in computer processing and progress in our understanding of human vision, we will see additional automated filter apps that can alter timing, proportion, color, and detail so that video footage can be morphed into various artistic altered realities.

Thanks, John Balestrieri


Unknown said...

I think the software needs to decide where the "panel" change would be more appropriate. Based on timing, it doesn't feel like a comic book, but stop motion. If it could only change the image based on the change of shot (scene) it would feel more like a comic. Comics rarely show the same small actions repeating from panel to panel if they're not necessary.

ZZDas said...

I think it doesn't feel neither like a comic book or stop motion but rather a flipbook using a crappy cellphone comic book filter...reminds me of "A Scanner Darkly" [] but the last one had a better visual

Erik Bongers said...

This works really well!