Saturday, November 23, 2013

Face-O-Mat: portable portrait device

Face-o-mat Travels the World - 2013 from Tobias Gutmann on Vimeo.

Tobias Gutmann built a portable booth for portrait painting that simulates the working of a machine, complete with coin slot, controls, and a fake printer as he slides out the finished product.

People love interacting with machines, even when they know it's all a game. Gutmann has brought the device all over the world, and has produced over 700 portraits with it.
Direct link to Vimeo. Via BoingBoing


Steve said...

When I saw this yesterday on Colossal it just put a smile on my face -- (and then, of course, I wondered how that smile would look as rendered by Face-O-Mat.) I immediately sent the link around to some friends. It's great to see it on Gurney Journey. It was striking to me how some of the "portraits" were oddly descriptive while others were wildly abstract. Who knows what Tobias Gutmann will be doing when he's 70 years old, but he's sure to look back on this time of his life -- when he traveled the world, creating smiles -- as magical.

Kate said...

Totally delightful. Reminds me of my first art tutor. He had a big influence on me.

jytte said...

Dear James
You saved my week-end. I had a good laugh. Thank you

Face-o-mat said...

This is how everything began: Watch Face-o-mat traveling through the deep winter of Sweden and drawing animal Facelifts:

Unknown said...

creating smiles -- as magical. Lighting For Artwork