Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Longer preview of stamp video

The latest issue of International Artist magazine has a feature about the making of the Australian dinosaur stamps. If you pick up a copy, you can see the various preliminary stages that the art went through.

I've also just uploaded this longer video preview about the making of those stamps. (Direct video link)

You can travel with me to Museum Victoria to study original fossils with paleontologist Tom Rich. Then we head into the Australian bush to study ancient plants. The full video shows every part of the creative process, from the unique design challenges of philatelic art to the construction of 3D reference maquettes, then the comprehensive drawing, the color planning, and the oil painting.

The DVD version also includes 10 minutes of additional interview material with Dr. Tom Rich, plus an eight minute narrated slideshow of development artwork and philatelic products, and a 13.5 minute documentary on the making of Dinotopia, called "Dinotopia: Art, Science, and Imagination."

This is a great resource for art teachers or parents wishing to inspire a young person who wants to find a way to do imaginative or science-based artwork.

Stan Prokopenko says: "Saw the DVD and loved it. He takes you through his whole process from concept to final. I liked seeing how he built his maquette and used it as part of the creative process. Great to see how free he is in every stage to experiment with ideas and make changes. Makes me want to go paint dinosaurs."

Learn more about the full-length art instruction video:
Digital download  via credit card Australia's Age of Dinosaurs: Art of the Stamps
Digital download via Paypal 
DVD with 32 minutes of additional content available now here
or preorder with Amazon 
More info at James 


Carmen Cerezo said...

This is going to be in the number 94 of the magazine, right?

James Gurney said...

Yes, #94--December/January issue.