Friday, November 22, 2013

High speed photos of dogs shaking

Dogs make the most amazing faces when they're shaking off water.
Animators will appreciate the extreme keyframe poses and the overlapping action of all the loose forms pulled around by centripetal forces.

(Video link) Slow motion footage shows that different animals shake at different frequencies to maximize the effectiveness of removing water.

See more high speed photos at Thanks, Susan.


Robert J. Simone said...

That post should have come with a disclaimer regarding "potentially disturbing images". Especially the first one. I'll have nightmares for sure!

Roberto said...

This reminds me of Francis Bacon's paintings!-RQ

krystal said...

Yikes! Memories! My first job out of college was prepping cameras in a place that specialized in high speed cameras for motion pictures (the camera actually looks like a V series one that we had and connects to an Ethernet just like one we had). Saw a lot of high speed footage; bottles breaking, balloons bursting (it's interesting that the water in a balloon will hold the shape before the actual rubber bursts), lights being smashed. I remember one of the guys took one home one weekend and egged his sister in slo-mo..hahaha, hummingbirds, etc. The most fun was one in which we used 1 million watts of light and shot a bunch of martial arts people and boxers. I had to pull focus and you def can't do it by eye/monitor. A lot of pressure there because you can immediately rewatch the take and cringe silently if the shot is soft focus. Pretty fun stuff. Okay, I'll stop sounding like a nerd now :)