Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick portrait sketches

Sitting around a breakfast table with other artists is a golden opportunity to practice quick portrait sketches. Here's Ken Laager, drawn with water soluble colored pencils and some watercolor.

In addition to Ken, I was joined by Chad Smith (far left), Garin Baker and Greg Shea (not visible), Richard Scarpa, and my wife Jeanette.

Marc Holmes, a leader in the Urban Sketchers movement from Montreal, also joined us on our trip last week to Massachusetts. I sketched him using black and red-brown watercolor pencils with a little watercolor in the background.

Here's my expedition kit for water media, with casein and gouache in the bags, two watercolor pan sets, a box of pencils, my homemade pochade rig in the upper left, and assorted tripods and camera gear, which I used in the Higgins Armory Museum video.


Rich said...

"Quick portrait sketches"
Just great to see them THIS way!

What are "Quick portraits"?:
Millions of them are being produced every day. Effortless results of billions of the mobile digital camera; output ever increasing.

In your way you do hand made portraits almost as quick as the digit;-) In your own way, individual. What a stark contrast to that synchronized digitalized mass product!

Are you a disonsaur?
Yes you are.

A Glorious Dinosaurus!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Hi mr. Gurney! I Like your portraits! Good work! Today i posted on my blog a few of mine watercolor works. Please check the link

How did you think, they are good?