Friday, May 2, 2014

First Flight On Its Way

If you ordered a copy of the brand new expanded edition of Dinotopia: First Flight, good news! Your copy shipped out today. 

And congratulations to Peter O. of San Francisco. You were Order #25, and that means you'll be receiving the special copy with the actual original storyboard from First Flight included inside, along with a hand drawn and painted remarque.

If you haven't ordered yet, good news! There are still three original remarques waiting: #50, #75, and #100.

So if you order today you might be the lucky one. Plus everyone who orders from me gets a signature and a little drawing, and a few random people will get extra-custom drawings of the hoverhead Fritz with the painted flame effect, like above.
You can order the book at or (USA customers only, sorry)
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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get mine. Thanks a lot for doing this!

Brandon Jones said...

Alright! I can't wait. I have been reading the 3 other books of the series to my son every night (he is 3), will be good to fill in the rest of the narrative!

Stepherz7 said...

So sad that this is only for the US customers! Still, enjoy it you lucky people!

Jessica Deering said...

You're a saint for shipping them all yourself!