Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reality, Enhanced by Animation

Storyboard artist Marty Cooper, also known as Hombre McSteez, had a viral hit on his hands this week with his compilation of short videos that he made for Instagram. In each one, he holds up drawings made on transparent cels in front of a background environment. The apparent interaction makes them hilarious.

Marty works for ReelFX and is a member of the ShrunkenHeadman Club of San Jose State University.

Thanks to everyone who recommended this.
(Direct link to video)


Daroo said...

Wow- Plein Air animating!

This low tech compositing solution is very creative and you quickly stop noticing the hand holding the "cel" -- kind of analogous to a puppeteer holding rods to make the puppets hands move. Awesome.

Tom Hart said...

How the heck does he keep the registration correct from cell to cell? (If that's the right way to put it...I'm not an animator.)

Sean said...

This is fantastic stuff -