Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tashlin's SCOT Art

Frank Tashlin was an animator and director, noted for his early Warner Brother cartoons. He wrote a book in 1952 called "How to Create Cartoons" where he wrote about his "SCOT Art" method. 

SCOT stands for square, circle, oval, and triangle. Tashlin gives many examples of cartoons made with those basic shapes.

Some figures are made of a combination of these shapes. He also includes the rectangle, which can be seen as an extension of the square. 

The shape analysis applies even when the figure is in extreme action.

Tashlin's drawings have their own wacky energy, as did the cartoons he directed, which were known for cinematic-style camera angles. 

His version of Porky is very circle-based in Looney Tunes like Porky's Railroad
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Anonymous said...

Great book, thanks for posing! The complete book is on the same site:

Anonymous said...

EDIT For ABOVE: "posting" not "posing."

I don't think you're posing at all, James!

Tomas de Zarate said...

For those interested, I took the jpg's and made a pdf, 40 pages.