Monday, November 24, 2014

CTN Portrait Sketchbook

At the CTN Animation Expo, I sketched quick portraits of Peter De Seve and Jake Parker.

Jake and I did a demo on stage. He drew a robotic dinosaur, while I drew him drawing.

...while Jeanette sketched me sketching Jake. 

Left hand is for the noodles. Right hand for the watercolor brush.

Fellow artists and animators at the Japanese Grill.

Sebastian Kruger knew that he was surrounded by caricaturists, so he pulled his hat brim down a little lower.

It was a grand time with amazing artists! Just to name a few, above left to right: Armand Serrano, Mark Oftedal, Armand Baltazar, Pascal Campion, Robh Ruppel, and Sebastian Kruger, plus so many other pros and students.


Tom Hart said...

Great sketches! I love the looseness of Jeanette's, and of course yours are outstanding. I like the way you don't overdo the characterizations, and go just far enough. Seeing the sketch of Peter de Seve reminds me how much I love the whimsy and skill of his work. He has a great website and blog too:

Unknown said...

Terrific paintings! It was a great event.

I had hoped to say 'hi', but kept missing you. My wife managed to bump into you a number of times (and get pictures), but somehow I always was somewhere else. Maybe next time!

Chuck Grieb from Cal State Fullerton

Gina Florio Sous said...

James, it was really special for me to see this demo in person, and to finally meet you and your lovely wife Jeanette at CTN this past weekend. I always love seeing Jeanette's sketches in your posts! Thank you so much for signing my Imaginative Realism book, too. I hope to meet you both again soon in the future - until then I'll be following the blog :)

tristen grant said...

What sketchbook are you using in the photo of you painting and eating noodles?

James Gurney said...

Chuck, yes, sorry to miss you, but glad I saw your wife, Cliff, and a lot of your students and former Fullerton students.

Tom, yes, and thanks for mentioning Peter's website. Gina, I'm grateful to you for coming to the demo.
Tristan, that's a Pentalic watercolor journal.

markoftedal said...

James, meeting you and Jeanette in the Japanese grill and flipping through your sketchbook was one of the highlights of CTN. I got lucky twice-- I was the last person allowed into your composition talk (I happily sat on the floor), and I bumped into you just minutes before leaving CTN. I'm so glad I didn't miss you!