Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dinotopia Podcast, Episode 2

Episode of the Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time audio podcast introduces Arthur and Will to the hatchery and the city of Pooktook. Sorry, the file is no longer available because this is a series!

But here are some of the pictures:

The adventure continues as Arthur and Will adjust to a world where humans and dinosaurs live as equals.

In the hatchery, kids help the hatchlings connect with their parent dinosaur.

Copro carters are a part of a proud profession, connoisseurs of the finest fertilizer.

When ZBS adapted Dinotopia to audio, they added to what was in the books by creating a fun banter between these characters.

...and then they meet up a disgruntled Dinotopian named Lee Crabb.

The Podcast Series
This acoustic adventure was produced by Tom Lopez, mastermind of the ZBS Foundation, with an original music track by composer Tim Clark.

Episode 3 arrives one week from today— Tuesday, November 25. Each 10-minute episode will only be live online for one week, and then it will disappear. So tell your friends, and be sure to check in to this blog each week. That way you'll be able to hear the whole production for free.

If you'd like to purchase the full two-hour Dinotopia podcast right now and hear all twelve episodes back to back in a feature-length production, check out Dinotopia at ZBS Foundation website for the MP3 download.

You can also order the original book from my web store and I'll sign it for you. It's the ultimate holiday gift for the imaginative person in your life. (US orders only for the book, please).


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