Friday, November 14, 2014

World Record Chalk Art Painting

Yesterday, a group of chalk artists completed a world record chalk painting of themselves being eaten by a giant shark coming up through the pavement.

Unisaurrr says: "It is over 23,000 square feet, took 40 artists about a week to complete it. It's located at the Venice Municipal Airport and I have no idea how much chalk it took. They used a combination of chalk pastels, tempera paint, and liquid chalk. The liquids are used to get solid base colors that are then chalked on top of for details."

The massive effort was a kickoff to the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida. This weekend the event will get rolling with its "Extinct and Endangered Animals" theme, and two of the top artists will be doing different Dinotopia paintings. More reports to come!
Thanks, Lori. Via Reddit


Rich said...

Gone with the wind...eerh...the rain.
How does it look after the rain?

Just admirable, those folks chalking away, despite the transience.

StreetPainter said...

Most of this art was done with paint, and highlighted with chalk. This kind of art is not meant to last, but is considered more like performance art. It is like listening to a band play, and you leave with a memory (and hopefully a picture)!

Roca said...

As a side note, this appears to have been painted on a closed runway or taxiway, judging by the edge lighting and yellow "X."

StreetPainter said...

Yes, it was painted/chalked on the Venice Airport runway. It was the only place they could find with a large enough stretch of concrete to work on.

Eli Joseph said...

How talented all these artists are!! I love this great chalk art, it’s looking like as it is original giant shark coming up through the pavement. You know I have also seen this sort of Aboriginal Art in an art event. It was marvelous.

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... as luck would have, the piece is still visible on that part of a now dilapidated, old runway. You can see on g*ogle maps,,-82.4396432,1322m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x88c35bd1210233bb:0x1abc26b5fbb0b49f!8m2!3d27.0732113!4d-82.4405867