Saturday, November 15, 2014

High School Students' "Magical Sketchbook" Drawings

By Dan, Millburn High School
Kathleen Harte- Gilsenan, teacher at the Millburn High School in New Jersey says: "My students are following your blog this year and last week their weekly sketchbook assignment was inspired by the magical sketchbook video you posted."

By Audrey, Millburn High School
"Each student watched the video and then choose a photo of their own and altered the reality of the photo by adding a sketch of something from observation."

Thanks, Kathleen, and great job, Audrey, Dan, and the rest of the students.
Previous post on the magical sketchbook.


larin said...

Love this!

AMR said...

What fun!

KHarteGilsenan said...

Thanks so much for posting the students’ drawings. They will be thrilled. Having the students follow your blog is so helpful. They truly enjoy watching you apply so many of the technical and creative thinking skills they are learning in class. It makes the course feel much more relevant for them. You have a ton of fans here at Millburn High School!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Wow… such talented kids so glad some schools still have art classes… and great encouraging teachers… well done to the students and well done to their teacher too.