Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gouache demo today on ConcertWindow

Here's the gouache landscape I painted "in the wild" today during the hour-long live webcast on ConcertWindow. Thanks to the 150 of you who joined in from as far as Australia, Russia, Argentina and all over the USA!

Len Nicholas asked the type of sketchbook I was using. It's a Pentalic 5x8 inch watercolor journal, which are now back in stock.
Own the 72-minute feature "Gouache in the Wild"
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StlPainter said...

James, I missed the first few minutes. Would you please repeat the name of the colors you used.
Wonderful video and great discussion. My biggest complaint is that I can't watch it again! Thanks for the opportunity to be with you onsite.

Mike Aspengren said...

The ConcertWindow gouache demo was fantastic. So cool how technology can bring everybody together like that. Hope you and Jeanette can do more things like this.

Robb said...

Getting to join you and Jeanette is such a treat. Thanks so much for broadcasting and letting us join in on the fun! So inspiring and educational – Love you guys!!!

HNK said...

I really loved your demo and how you answered the questions and still was concentrated on the painting. Amazing! I hope we will see more coming! Thank you and Jeanette!

gyrusdentus said...

You still mixed colors on the palette instead of using the underpainting to lower tones and chroma in the front?
Cause i think i heard you say something about lowering tone and chroma by other means in the front.

Monika Baum said...

James, I'd like to add that even though I am happy to support you via the amazon affiliate link to the Pentalic sketchbook, the shipping costs would be more than the sketchbook itself for non-US customers.
A good alternative right now are the Large Watercolor Moleskine Sketchbooks on with 44% off last time I checked and free international shipping.
Hope this is useful to someone.

All the best,

Christian Schlierkamp said...

Thank you, James and Jeanette! That was fun and a great learning experience!!
Please do more of those! :-D

(Thanks Monika, that Link is truly precious!!)