Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Meet Cameron the iPad Holder

Meet "Cameron" the iPad holder with a little sculpted face on the side. (I made the face out of Model Magic). The pupil of his eye is really a hole above the iPad's camera to remind me to "look the viewers in the eye" and also that the CAMERA-is-ON.

I'll be using him for my gouache painting live webstream today at 4:00 NY time on ConcertWindow.

You can follow this link to my broadcast page and be there when I go live. The show will last for one hour. It's totally interactive, with Jeanette reading your questions while I paint.

There are also special tip rewards show here, such as signed, hand-remarqued first day covers of the Australian dinosaur stamps, and a customized doorknob hanger to put on your studio door.

 Gurney gouache painting live webstream today at 4:00 NY time on ConcertWindow.


HNK said...

Thank you for your inspiration! I was there! I didn't think that you always named me hunk) Thank you one more time!

Carole Pivarnik said...

You are just a national treasure :) I enjoy your sense of whimsy and have learned so much from the expertise you've shared. The live stream is a cool idea, I really like the ConcertWindow interface.

Frances Buckmaster said...

For those of us unable to be available for the live there any way to see it after the fact? I hope so! Thanks.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Carole. Love your donkey sketches!

Frances, we're trying to get a highlight video out of it to give a feel of the event. Will let you know if that works.

HNK, glad you were there. I guess we could call you "Hank" instead of "Hunk," but they're both a compliment in English.