Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Painting the Produce Case

Produce Case, gouache, 5x8 inches, painted at the Hannaford, Kingston, NY
Earlier today I walked into the supermarket and was mesmerized by the produce case. 

The oranges, limes, and lemons were reflected in the big mirrors behind them, and I knew I just had to paint them right then and there.

Luckily I had my gouache supplies with me. I steered an empty shopping cart over next to the apple display. I set up the tripod sketch easel inside the cart. I chose a page with a yellow-blue casein underpainting, and got busy with the colored pencils. 

Since the gouache has no smell and is very neat and water-based, I knew I'd be OK working with it there. 

My wife took about 55 minutes to do the hunting and gathering. During that time I was nervous that someone from the store would ask me what the heck I was doing, but no one said anything to me. 

I think the uniform shirt made me look like I was on some sort of corporate assignment, and my purposeful expression kept me from looking like a complete nut.

Here's the sound environment. (Link to audio file) The store is near the train tracks and you can hear the train sounding at 00:17.

Thanks, Hannaford supermarkets for your inspiring, artistic displays.
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Jared Cullum said...

This is just terrific. I love the uniform shirt and 'Art Department' hat. I need to jump in on a contest someday and try to snag one. That badge is really cool.

Glenn Tait said...

An amazing study, in a unique situation. Love the "buggy pochade" set-up.

Looking forward to tomorrow's concert.

Unknown said...

I love this! I really enjoyed your new video--especially the last shot. Thank you for all that you do and share!

slice4e said...

That's great!

arturoquimico said...

Maestro... great work... however, being an artist... are you sure you are not a little bit of a "nut"? that's "cool"... I think that's what makes artists great... they go where the rest of us mortals fear to tread...

Eelis Kyttanen said...

This is hilarious! Great painting! I bet the clerks had a good time in the backroom debating about the mysterious painter.

On a side note I just finished watching the Gouache in the Wild video. It was terrific and inspirational as well as educational. I found it great that you chose to include not only painting guidance, but also the wisdom on how the scenes and objects we paint are much more than just visual information (the stories behind them and so on).

Thank you!

Robb said...

This is the best. Thanks for sharing.

Steve said...

Glad to hear you also use the term "hunting and gathering." That's what we've called grocery shopping the past few decades. Striking painting.

Joel Fletcher said...

June 23, 2015 Man held for using grocery store as his painting studio

Security guards at a local market responded to complaints of an obsessed man painting a picture of the produce section, using the grocery cart as his easel. James Gurney, famous for his "Dinotopia" illustrations, is apparently now obsessed with painting mundane subject matter that normal people take for granted. When confronted, Mr. Gurney stated "I was mesmerized by the produce case, and I knew I just had to paint them right then and there". He is being held for psychiatric evaluation and tests for possible drug use.

Tom Hart said...

I just had to chuckle at, "Luckily I had my gouache supplies with me." Loyal readers wonder if there's ever a time when you aren't ready to strike out with the paints. :^)

Inspirational, as always.

gyrusdentus said...

Do you rely on the cool underpainting to bring down the intensity around the yellowish fruits or do you lower the chroma by mixing?

You work rather transparently on the right.

Nice job!