Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gouache over Casein Underpainting

(Link to video on YouTube Here's a brief YouTube version showing the winter landscape at sunset. It's just a fraction of the entire segment from "Gouache in the Wild."

I had to wait for a day that was just above freezing. Before leaving on the painting trip, I prepared a page of the book with a casein underpainting— a warm color area surrounded by cool colors. I had a vague idea of using that abstract color field for some subject that I could light selectively.

The casein underpainting presents a closed surface to the gouache, so it won't pick up the wet washes, and it makes the watercolor paper a little less absorbent. But the best part is that the color field suggested possibilities for the overlaying washes of semi-opaque color.
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gyrusdentus said...

I always love the part when your head resurfaces from down below under the buttons in the end of the video. amazing :). That is what i mean by movie-making skills.

Hopefully you do not mind me asking but there is some minor glazing involved from the bluish parts on the left to the middle where the underpainting shows through,right?
I understand that glazing is rare in goauche so that you do not pick up the underpainting. But you dodged that bullet with the casein.

Unfortunately , i am a student in Europe and cannot afford to buy the video. Though the price is really reasonable.
All the best and Much success for the future!

HNK said...

Is gouache popular in America? In Russia it is popular among kids. Are there any mediums that are made specially for gouache? Is it possible to make thick impastos without cracking? And if no opacifiers were used in some paints, than how they are made with only gum Arabic?

HNK said...

And last, who made this machine in the end! Amazing video, James! Thank you.

ImaFan said...

I absolutely love your art and am so glad you share your technique through your videos. I have learned quite a lot watching, and re-watching. Great big thank you! I'm with HNK... how did you make that machine at the end. It's Amazing!!! Can you reveal what software you are using?