Monday, February 15, 2016

MAXx FX, The Greatest Action Figure that Never Was

Last week I had the privilege to visit my friend Mel Birnkrant, who showed me his original prototypes for MAXx FX, an action figure who dons movie-monster prosthetics to become the Werewolf, Mummy, Jason, Freddy, Swamp Creature, and Caveman. Link to my new YouTube video

Read the story of MAXx FX on Mel's website
(Link to 12-minute YouTube video)


HNK said...

amazing. i love these now! thank you for the

Jared Cullum said...

So cool! It was really encouraging toward the end to hear him talk about the constant rejection and learning to push through that.

Rich said...

The old (timeless) psycholgic story of Mr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde:

Contemporary (actual) version on display here:-)

Anonymous said...

Some of the BEST things somehow never make it. What a shame! I would have totally loved something like this as a kid.
Too bad committees tend to not think outside the box, or to go with what is easy or less challenging.
Thanks for sharing this.