Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A few recent videos you may enjoy

Harvard Art Museums in Cambridge maintains a collection of thousands of pigments, which are useful primarily for authenticating or identifying paintings. (Link to YouTube)

A machine for time traveling into old photos. (Link shows how it was made)

A music video with a penny arcade that animates a song called ‘Ma’agalim’ by Jane Bordeaux.

Thanks to Dan and everyone else who recommended these.


Jim Douglas said...

by Jane Bordeaux
(Lyrics translated from Hebrew)

Nights turn into days
Days turn into years
And inside them I am going
Fast and in circles
Winds are blowing at me
Blowing down my neck
Everything seems too far
Oversizing me

It’s not me that’s progressing
It’s just the time that’s moving on
It’s just another passing train
It’s a further tightening rope

Sunrises sinking fast
Seasons passing more
And I am the same
While the time is cutting short

Rich said...

Uri Lotan; Kudos!!
I found the music video most charming, brimming with content.

In the end you see the eyes of that figure - just two black dots. Pictured a few seconds before, I find the white dots on the punch-card. Dotted like stars on a nocturnal sky.
The stars, arranged, belong to the musical punch-card as well.

Bobby La said...

For a slightly more David Lynchian, punked up variation on the ‘Ma’agalim’clip, may I heartily recommend one of the best duo's to come out of Canada in the longest time -


Shwetablog said...