Friday, April 29, 2016

Propeller Powered Sled

Here's one of the more unusual vehicles stored in the old barns out behind the Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Basically it's an aircraft engine and open propeller mounted on the back of a 1920s-era body, with sled runners instead of wheels. 

Old timers told me they would take this thing out on the Hudson River ice in the winter and zoom along at 60 miles per hour. 


David Webb said...

When I first saw that drawing, I thought it was from Dinotopia! Looks like fun.

Tom Hart said...

I love how this has a feeling of life and personality without being anthropomorphized.

Tom Hart said...

Not that there's anything wrong with anthropomorphizing, mind you! :^)

Tom Hart said...

(Sorry about the multiple comments). I just realized how much this reminds me of the time machine in the Time Machine movie from the 60s.

Daniel New said...

Is this pencil and wash? It's really beautiful... It looks like maybe 3 tones of wash and a few hard and soft pencils on some kind of magical paper? hate to be the materials question guy, but I really love this one!

inside my head said...

Lovely drawing!
The Russians used sleds with propelers during WWII.