Sunday, April 24, 2016

On the Metro North

I got lucky this time. The guy sitting across from me on the train to New York yesterday spent most of the ride looking at his cellphone.

The sketch is mostly done in watercolor, in a Pentalic watercolor sketchbook, with a few touches of gouache, water-soluble colored pencils, and fountain pen with brown ink. Links take you to Amazon pages for more info.

You can see a brief video clip, and hear the sounds of the train, if you visit my stream on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I demonstrate a variety of watercolor techniques on my tutorial Watercolor in the Wild.


Eelis Kyttanen said...

Bham, awesome! How long did this take you?

RHP said...

Loving those bold brushstrokes on the shirt and the scribbly bits in his hair. Always a pleasure to see materials used with confidence.

Longtime reader, first time commenter... wanting to say THANK YOU for your wonderfully informative, artistically enriching, and always fun to explore blog!

Rich said... really know how to paint three-day-beards!

Steph H said...

Thank you for sharing your supplies!