Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DVD Review by Cynthia Sheppard

Cynthia Sheppard, Illustrator and Art Director for Magic: The Gathering says:

"James Gurney’s new DVD, "Fantasy in the Wild” is an enchanting reminder that there is fantastical inspiration all around us. Gurney takes us on a journey through the creation of two conceptual illustrations completed in a novel way—outside of his studio in various locations around town.

The DVD covers an array of pointers on gathering reference from places you might not think to look, as well as materials and tools for working on site. Ever wonder if a traffic cone could be an art supply staple? You should watch and find out....

He transforms the mundane into the fantastical, and delivers useful information with all the warmth and depth you expect from a Gurney production. It feels very much like you’re spending a weekend painting alongside Gurney, as he de-mystifies his process of illustrating using casein and discusses a few of his more unconventional approaches to interpreting everyday objects into creative concepts.

For me, watching the video was like hearing the voice of a caring artist friend who urges me to get off my butt and leave the studio for a fresh perspective. There was a sense of 'look how much fun this is!' running through the whole production, and I expect others who watch it will want to try out the plein-air concept art approach too.”

—Cynthia Sheppard, Illustrator and Art Director for Magic: The GatheringFollow her on Twitter
"Fantasy in the Wild: Painting Concept Art on Location" is available as a download from Gumroad, or as a DVD direct from the manufacturer, or from Amazon.

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Steven Powers (SMP) said...

I have to say I loved the tutorial. Very useful information and entertaining. You did a very professional, high quality presentation of the material. I look forward to the next. Thank you.