Thursday, June 30, 2016

Popcorn and Churro Vendor

Last night I painted a popcorn vendor in Montréal using gouache—mostly transparently. 

I knew the light would rapidly change as dusk settled, so I tried to anticipate where it was headed, and pick an ideal moment when the scene was saturated in cool twilight, with the popcorn and churro box lights rising in contrast.

I'm here for the Syn Studio "Gathering of Masters," a group-taught workshop on concept art.

Gumroad Tutorial: Gouache in the Wild


gyrusdentus said...

Great to see your passion for painting
hope you had some popcorn afterwards.

Pilgrim said...

Never thought of needing a headlamp in a sketch kit. I know they make them for jogging. Interesting challenge there.

Belinda said...

Will you be meeting up with local artists to draw? Can my daughter and I join in? Or do you prefer to wander solo/with select folks?

Wesley said...

Hi James, great as always. Remind me the type of pencil you use for the initial sketch. Was thinking you use an HB or so but now thinking you maybe use a colored pencil...thanks, wesley

James Gurney said...

Wesley, It's a Supracolor 2 watercolor pencil, reddish brown.

Belinda, no, sorry, the class is just for workshop members.

Gyrus / Nic, The guys at the stand offered me whatever I wanted -- super nice of them, but we had just eaten.

Pilgrim, Night light can be a big help!