Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Drawing a Moving Turkey

As you can see from the time lapse video, this turkey was constantly moving. But having a handler bring her around into more or less the same pose made the task of sketching her that much easier.

I just finished writing an article on sketching moving subjects. My article will appear in the first issue of a new UK print magazine about traditional art that will be publishing its first issue soon. More on that later.


sleepyboy said...

Hi James :D I'm a long time reader first time commenter. I know this isn't about the post but I know you spent some time in China and I was wondering what you know or think about Chinese watercolors? Have you ever dabbled in it? From what I understand, Chinese watercolor paints are vegetable ink and mineral based, and that the surface they paint on is an absorbent rice paper, and that the binder in the paints fixes the pigment where they are place much more firmly than western watercolor. This in turn allows for wet mounting of the painting instead of the prestretching of western watercolor. All of this leads me to wonder if it would be terrible to use both kinds of paints on western paper or on rice paper or even mixing them? Western water color is better at somethings while Chinese water color would be better for another? I would be greatly interested in any thoughts you have on it as I respect your opinion.

James Gurney said...

Hi, Sleepyboy, I really don't know, not having experimented much with rice paper or Chinese materials. Maybe someone else reading this might have experience.