Saturday, August 13, 2016

Forbes Features Artists on YouTube

Forbes Magazine has a feature on artists who have generated millions of views, and a good income, doing YouTube videos, including Stan Prokopenko (above), Mark Crilley, and Scott Robertson.

Edit: Sorry, the Forbes site seems to have an ad-block-recognizer that creates a barrier to entry.

Meet the Online Artists Drawing Millions of YouTube Viewers


Jeremy Rice said...

Not that this will make a difference to anyone, but: Forbes has an anti-ad-blocker enabled, so I won't be reading the article.

Glad to see they're getting some attention, though. I've long subscribed to Proko, and it's *great.*

James Gurney said...

Jeremy, I have AdBlock on my Mac, and what I get is a 3-2-1 count and then the content. I guess it must be different on your machine. Sorry to link to something that isn't a smooth experience.

Terry Krysak said...

I'm with you Jeremy, I have a pc with Firefox ad blocker. I refuse to read anything that insists that I succumb to their unwanted advertising.