Thursday, August 18, 2016

Interactive Dynamic Video

Images captured on video contains a lot of subtle movement and vibrations. If the wind is blowing or a heavy truck drives by, objects may shift slightly. This shifting and bending reveals a great deal of information about structure and flexibility.

Image: Abe Davis, MIT / CSAIL
Researchers at MIT have developed a new computer software system that uses the tiny movements recorded from a single camera's perspective and inputs them into a 3D interactive capture of the scene whereby users can manipulate objects in the scene from a variety of control points.

The software has potential not only for structural engineering, but for low-budget special effects, because it allows you to make the environment respond to inputs into the system that you control.(Link to YouTube)

MIT News: Reach in and touch objects in videos with “Interactive Dynamic Video”
Thanks, Michael Stancato

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That is unbelievably amazing! Thanks for sharing this.