Saturday, August 20, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio's Dinosaur

Look what Leonardo DiCaprio has in his art collection — a Torvosaurus gurneyi.
Thanks, Bryn


Evelyn said...

Double wow, James! What's the story behind naming the dinosaur after you?

Best, Evelyn

nuum said...

Apart from "Torvosaurus gurneyi", I would love to hear Leif Peng's ( opinion about this "Art collection".

Torvosaurus gurneyi deserved to be among better Art.

That Picasso is a joke.

Celebrities and Modern Art: They deserve each other.

Paulo - Rio

Anonymous said...

Does he actually own that fossil? The article doesn't state he does specifically and it appears that it's only used as an example of what he may own.

Unknown said...

It's a cast and reconstruction, the actual skull material (a maxilla) is kept in Portugal. Unfortunately, the reconstructed parts are too heavily based on tyrannosauroids (e.g. antorbital fenestra and naris too large, the lateral temporal fenestra having an hourglass shape), whereas Torvosaurus was a megalosauroid and really would have looked quite different.

James Gurney said...

Michael, thanks for clarifying that. I assumed it was a cast, but I wasn't aware of the issues with the reconstruction.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Leonardo Dicaprio was such an art connoisseur! I think it's fantastic that he loves art. =)