Friday, November 25, 2016

Painting Without an Underdrawing

Drawing is not just what you do with a pencil. You can draw with a brush too. (Link to YouTube)
CM Ranch, casein, 5 x 8 inches
And with this motif, I decided to draw the horses and fences with my paint brush, working from background to foreground.

Excerpt from my new tutorial, "Casein Painting in the Wild."

Treat yourself to inspiration
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Casein Explorers Pack (12) (A good introductory palette that gives you a pretty wide gamut.)
Casein 6 Pack (The colors I used for this painting. On its own, it's a rather muted palette. It can be used on its own and it also makes a good supplement to the 12 pack.)
Casein 6-pack with travel brush set (Same set as above with the short-handled brushes).

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Gary said...

When painting plein air with acrylics, it often helps to use something like a spray-mist bottle. Is there any reason not to use a water spray bottle with casein paints to keep them open and fluid? Thanks for these demo's and the DVD. Gary