Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Giraffes Hum at Night

Giraffes hum at night. Scientists say: "It could be passively produced—like snoring—or produced during a dream-like state—like humans talking or dogs barking in their sleep."


Sesco said...

Ok, only on GurneyJourney can I look forward to not only learning about the creation of art, but also to hearing a recording of giraffes humming. If I were producing the Billboard Blog 500 this entry would jolt the ranking to the top of the list. Thanks, I'm smiling. (Actually, now that I think about it, I hear this soundtrack every night as my little Havanese dog named Lacey snores next to the bed!)

Brock Alius Art said...

James, just posing an off topic query I thought you might have info on. I have noticed a lot of my favorite contemporary artists, like Colleen Barry and Scott Waddell, make use of prisma color col-erase pencils, for some pretty exceptional work. I am curious if you know anything about the lightfastness of these. It seems a shame to create beautiful work with faulty materials. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Love this blog for the odd stuff