Sunday, February 26, 2017

Highlights are like dessert...

Highlights are like dessert—it's best to save them for the end of the meal.

Link to mini-video on Facebook
Pentalic watercolor journal
Holbein gouache set
Synthetic flat brush plus rounds.


Peter Drubetskoy said...

So, I've tried this a couple of times and had trouble. Even when the transparent watercolor layer is dry, the top layer of gouache, while looking OK on application, dries to a kind of grey semi-transparent layer - almost never to an opaque white layer (an example that actually works, I think, of this is here in the breasts) I found that white charcoal pencil works better for me, like here (but again, the watercolor needs to be dry-dry for it to work)
One caveat is that I use dried gouache that I re-wet, not fresh from the tube. But then if I want to use this technique on the go, I prefer to have dried pans of gouache instead of carrying tubes.
Do you have any advise here?

Fabio said...

I usually have the same issue with gouache, and am virtually unable to lay white gouache on top of darker layers, as it gets too transparent. If I make it thicker, it's harder to lay down, so I guess it should be about finding a good balance?

James Gurney said...

Peter and Fabio, here are a few tips to get those white highlights whiter:
1. Use titanium instead of zinc white.
2. Use tube paint, not pan colors.
3. If the paint comes out of the tube runny, squeeze it out on absorbent paper first to make it drier.
4. Make sure the surface you're painting over is totally dry.
5. Don't scrub. Just put it down and leave it.
6. Use a thick impasto. For that you may need a stiffer brush.
7. You can push it into the paint to build up the blob of paint on the brush.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

Thanks, James!
Luckily, I got a Titanium White tube with the super-cheapo Royal & Langnickel set I got on Amazon. I'm going to try it.