Monday, June 12, 2017

I made a friend in Bryant Park

I painted this guy in New York City on Saturday evening. He was talking into his earbud mic for a long time, holding pretty still. He didn't notice me sketching him.

Bryant Park, 4 x 4 inches, gouache
When I was done, I showed him the picture so that he could put it on his Facebook. He was a super nice guy, and was pleased to be my impromptu model. (Link to video)


Tobias Gembalski said...

How you surprised him with your sketch genuinely put a smile on my face! Thanks.

Unknown said...
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Bklyn Sketcher said...

This was so nice to watch unfold. How long did it take you to create the piece?

Unknown said...

What a brilliant artist! I am always thrilled watching his videos and reading his blog!

Warren JB said...

Brilliant! I have to say I envy your confidence in approaching people with impromptu portraits, though you certainly win out with experience of it.