Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Review of "Sketch Easel" Video

Charley Parker of the art blog "Lines and Colors" took a look at my new sketch easel video. Check out what he has to say:  James Gurney’s How to Make a Sketch Easel.

He also did a post yesterday about DIY cigar-box-easel conversions, and he has more to come on homemade easels.

For those of you already building your own versions, please send me 2 or 3 photos of the finished easel in the workshop or in use, with a one-sentence caption for each picture. I'll feature my favorites on a future blog post and send "Department of Art" patches to the ones I include in the post. (If I featured yours in the previous post, send me your address and I'll mail you a patch.)


Linda Navroth said...

I purchased the download yesterday. I'd already built a similar one just based on photos I saw on your blog, but I couldn't figure out the clamp for the diffuser. The video's section on diffusers was great! Enough information and clear visuals for me to add this critical item to my easel.

Another informative and entertaining video--thanks so much for putting these out there for us to learn from and enjoy.

[One technical comment: I noticed a lot of pixalation throughout the video.]

Pastel Chris said...

I do wish there was a shorter option for just the diffuser portion. Maybe that could be offered? I have all the pochades I need, but would love info on the smaller sun shields.