Sunday, June 25, 2017

Podcast: 1986 Readings on Gerome, Repin and Shishkin

In 1986 I was part of a group of friends called "The Golden Palm Tape Network" who shared art-talk via cassettes. I thought some of these recordings would be fun for you to listen to in the form of a podcast on YouTube. 

Let's start with a fairly typical one called "Academic Chatter," a combination of readings and commentary. (Direct link to podcast on YouTube).

Topics include: 

The nucleus of the G.P Tape Network was a small group who knew each other at the Art Center College of Design. We first met each other at the Golden Palms Apartment in Highland Park, California.

The artists involved included Paul ChadwickBryn BarnardThomas KinkadeRon HarrisRichard Hescox, Tom KiddDavid MattinglyJames Warhola, Brad Teare, and Barry Klugerman. All those people were (or are) brilliant and incisive and funny, and I owe who I am to what I learned from them.

There were hundreds of tapes, most of which were recorded over again with new stuff. But I still have a lot of these. If you enjoy this one, let me know, and I'll share some more.
Jean-Léon Gérôme on Wikipedia
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Unknown said...

Would love to hear more of those
I think this kind of talks is timeless
it's quite funny how this tape survive for 31 year while even some sites cannot hold full content for 7-10 years for various reasons

JASON HOWE said...

This is fantastic!
Of course, I'd love to hear more!
Bring 'em on!!

Bryan Tipton said...
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Michael Pianta said...

Don't tease us! Just post them all. :)

Penn Tomassetti said...

This was really good to listen to. Thank you for sharing and please do upload more!

Robyn said...

Please share more of these!

El Vox said...

If Paul Chadwick had any I'd be interested in anything he or any artist he enjoyed had to say. Thanks James.

jwart said...

This is a fantastic art history lesson. It's much easier to listen to an explanation of the subject than to read about it. I learned so much. Please post more. Maybe you can package it up.