Monday, September 25, 2017

Art Terms in Google Trends

This graph shows Google search volume for coloring books (red), plein air (blue), art supplies (yellow) and easel (green). The blue peaks are in July, and the green and red peaks are in December.

A few thoughts:

• Interest in "coloring books" (red line) peaked at the end of 2015. Bookstores have reported a steep drop in sales of coloring books for adults, but even in their reduced number, they're still strong sellers on Amazon in the "drawing" category.
• Interest in "plein air" is seasonal, peaking in July. If you're releasing a plein-air painting product, summer is the best time.
• People research easels and art supplies in December, probably to be given as gifts.
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Susan Krzywicki said...

Intersting that the coloring book searchers seemed to be a different consumer - since there was not a dip in searches for the other items.