Friday, September 29, 2017

Painting in a Cow Pasture

Arthur Burdett Frost (American, 1851-1928).
Mulvaney's Muley Cow, Harper's Weekly
An artist sets up his canvas in a cow pasture. What could possibly go wrong?

While the artist takes a nap under a tree, the cow sweeps her tail over the canvas and spreads the paint around.

Then she gives the canvas a few juicy licks.

The resulting painting wins the admiration from his friends—is it a victory for modern art?
Frost's sly commentary is just one out of more than 300 lots in the upcoming Heritage Illustration Art auction in Dallas, which includes Gibson, Flagg, Elvgren, Loomis, Nagel, and Von Schmidt.


Regine Karpel said...


Carol Scown-Raynal said...

The sense of business.

My Pen Name said...

hmm these days the cartoonist would have the oow doing other things to the painting as well ! :)