Sunday, September 17, 2017

Readings from Ruskin

(Link to YouTube) Here is a vintage recording of readings that I did from the Victorian art critic John Ruskin, excerpted from his famous works "Modern Painters" and "The Elements of Drawing."

The recording is from a cassette tape which circulated by mail in 1985 among a group of art friends called "The Golden Palm Tape Network."

Topics include:
1. Greetings to Ron Harris and James Warhola.
2. Discussion about audio line mixers
3. Readings from Ruskin:
• painting open water
• advice to students
• gradation
• atmospheric perspective.

Note his point at around 20 minutes in that cool colors don't necessarily recede, and warm colors don't necessarily advance.

You can still get copies of Modern Painters in print at Amazon. The other book I quoted from is The Elements of Drawing


Dean Johnson said...

Thanks James! The older I get, the newer old writings feel. You shared some outstanding examples with Ruskin.

Just curious, since you write with educating in mind as well...That color and perspective paragraph you were so taken aback by - how much time do you think he put in thinking up those examples that "break" the conventional "rules." Minutes? Days? Years and years?

Naeem said...

Thanks for posting.

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