Friday, January 19, 2018

Snow Gnome

Spot the imposter snow gnome.


Glenn Tait said...

A white toque and I would have missed you 😨

Timothy Bollenbaugh said...


All without the red hat. Brings to mind a Christensen and Bev Doolittle camouflage paintings—have you any advice to offer concerning techniques and composition?

Thank you,

Unknown said...

I'm afraid this round has proved too difficult for me.

K. Moody said...

Oh, I don't know- seems they are ALL imposters- except for the one
in the red hat. :>

gyrusdentus said...

i do not want to get into politics as such. As a German who has not seen snow for years, I always i understand why some people in the US consider climate change a myth.
It is just unbelievable how much snow you guys have.


Maria said...

You're a legend!