Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Watercolor Technique for Realistic Painting

Here is a time lapse tutorial showing how I paint a typewriter in transparent watercolor.

(Link to YouTube video)

Here are the steps:
1. Graphite pencil drawing on watercolor paper.
2. Large areas of light tone, applied all at once from top to bottom (See post "Ghost Wash").
3. During the foregoing step, paint around the highlights, leaving them the white of the paper.
4. Drop darks into the wet tone, allowing the edges to merge softly.
5. Define the major planes of the form.
6. Start to define the dark areas.
7. Add background color to bring forward subject.
8. Simple warm/cool palette: a blue-black (Payne's Gray) and dark brown (such as sepia).
9. Straight lines drawn freehand (without a ruler).
10. The keys are painted systematically, starting with the spaces between the rows of keys.
11. With the paint on the brush, use it for other details.
12. Mix a light color for the front planes of the keys.
13. Then paint the top planes of the keys.
14. Add shadows separating the keys from each other.

The total painting time: 45 minutes.

This original painting will be sold in a couple months as part of a sketchbook exhibit in Singapore arranged by Bynd Artisan and Erwin Lian, who created the Perfect Sketchbook.
Check out my full-length watercolor painting tutorial "Watercolor in the Wild."


Steve said...

OK, that does it. You’ve inspired me to finally do a portrait of my beloved 1936 Royal Portable. Its glass-covered keys are just floating disks, not thick chunks like your more modern Olympia. Is that by any chance a RoosRoast coffee mug in the painting? Is the Singapore sketchbook exhibit an auction?

Alan Anderson said...

Excellent video and narrative of the process. And obtw, the patience of a saint! Thanks James, this is very helpful, blessings to you and yours in this new year. I loved the piece you created of your sons engrossed in “battle mode” during gaming!