Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Drawing with the Brush

You don't need to do a detailed drawing as long as your measurements are right. (Link to video)

Here's the sequence, drawing with the brush:
1. Warm-primed canvas
2. Careful measurements with brush.
3. Big areas blocked in.
4. Subdivide small forms.
5. Details and accents.
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Tom C. said...

HI James,
I just read your cloud article in IA. I was wondering can I layer water based gouache on top of acrylic under painting?

Eddie Flow said...

Such a cool video - Would love to buy an Oil Painting In the Wild Vid!

James Gurney said...

Thomas, yes, basically you can put gouache over acrylic. If the acrylic has a shiny surface, and the gouache beads up or rubs off. you might want to give the acrylic a coat of matte medium. Or just use Acryla Gouache (which is really an opaque acrylic) for the underpainting.

Tom C. said...

Thanks James,
I will try it out. On another note I am struggling with perspective I have watched your other videos on the subject. Specifically observational versuses mechanical (meaning drawing in vanishing points and using straight edges). It seams in this painting you have vanishing points i.e. Clapboards. When in the field drawing/painting a subject in more complex perspective with multiple points and off the page how can I manage getting it right and consistent?
Thanks again and enjoy the snow,