Sunday, March 11, 2018

ESPN Report from the Court

Recently, ESPN invited me to be a sketch reporter at an NBA basketball game. 

I visit the broadcast truck an hour before the game starts. Here's a gouache portrait of the guy who controls the audio feed in the ESPN broadcast.

In this quick video (Link to Facebook), the painting emerges rapidly in a freeform way, alternating between darks, halftones and lights. I finish with the small details of the glasses and headset.

You can also watch the short videos this week on my Instagram channel.


Patricia Wafer said...

Nice painting! And perfect for this time of year. Painting OUTDOORS in early spring I am finding all those dry grasses and prairie plants a challenge to paint with gouache. Any tips on how to render them without trying to paint every blade of grass?

scottT said...

To use a sports metaphor, ESPN got the Michael Jordan and Tom Brady of sketch artists. You really nail the balance between looseness and fidelity to likeness. Oddly, I feel I know this because though I've never seen the man, I KNOW he looks just like that. After watching several times, I'm fixated on the nose for some reason! That little touch of reflected shadow on the tip is what makes it. So crucial, yet tossed in so seemingly casually...I dare say, almost accidentally! Yet I know it's the result of years of experience.

Tyler J said...

Really great image. Just lovely. I'm really looking forward to seeing more. And kudos to ESPN for reaching out to you.