Thursday, May 10, 2018

45 Minutes in a Parking Lot

I've got 45 minutes while Jeanette shops for groceries. Why not paint? (Link to video on Facebook)

The colors of gouache that I'm using are raw sienna, cadmium yellow light, titanium white, light red, cadmium red, black, and ultramarine blue, squeezed out on the side flanges of a customized Schmincke watercolor box.

I'm painting with a Richeson travel brush set, which fits over the left page of the sketchbook. I've been liking the M. Graham gouache best of all the brands—good consistency, coverage, and saturation. The sketchbook is a Pentalic Aqua Journal, which is inexpensive but has 150lb., 100% rag paper.

If you follow the blog, you know that my easel is homemade, and you can learn how to make on on my video How to Make a Sketch Easel (DVD), which is also available as a Gumroad download. The camera I'm using is a Canon EOS M6 mirrorless, which has a built in time lapse function, great video controls, and it's good for just shooting artwork, too.

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Ben Kreuter said...

I really like the watch on the side. I see two sides to it, though - as an educational experience, adding the watch is incredibly helpful and instructive. As a work of film/video, however, the timer adds an element of tension, and I can see that may not be the right choice in every case. Thanks for adding it in this one! I hope you do it again from time to time.