Monday, May 28, 2018

Missing: E.G. Lutz's Animated Feature "Old Glory"

One hundred years ago to this Memorial Day, animation pioneer E.G. Lutz released a film called "The Story of Old Glory," which chronicles the development of the American flag from colonial times to 1918.

The film resurfaced in 1939 for a showing at the Museum of Modern Art, but it hasn't been seen since, and not too much is known about it. Here's an online PDF with more information about the lost film.

If you know of the whereabouts of a copy, or if you've seen drawings or promo items from it, please leave a comment after this post, or contact the Illustrating Edwin website.
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PDF with more information about 'The Story of Old Glory'
Illustrating Edwin
Lutz was the author of 17 how-to books, including:
Drawing Made Easy (with an intro by me and signed by me)
Animated Cartoons: How They Are Made, Their Origin, and Development
What to Draw and How to Draw It