Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sargent's life beyond the canvas

Cartoon of Sargent by Max Beerbohm
A trove of John Singer Sargent's letters donated to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts reveals insights into his life beyond the canvas:

• Sargent worked tirelessly, not only at his art, but at his image in the public mind.
• Madame Gautreau, the subject of the scandalous Madame X portrait, actually admired and appreciated the painting.
• Sargent was a total fan-boy when it came to Claude Monet.

Articles on the Web:
• MFA Boston Establishes John Singer Sargent Archive with Trove of Letters and Sketches
• Museum of Fine Arts about the Sargent Archives

Books on Sargent:
• John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1914-1925: The Complete Paintings, Volume IX 
• John Singer Sargent: Venetian Figures and Landscapes 1898-1913: Complete Paintings: Volume VI


Tobias Gembalski said...

I wonder why the cello is played upside down? Composition?

Loretta said...

I think it's possible that it is a caricature of a viola. I say this as a viola player, they are larger than the violin. Ya never know........