Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Natural Science Exhibition Call for Entries

Do you paint natural science artwork? The field includes illustrations for museums, science magazines, nature textbooks, and field guides. 

Boletus permagnificus' by Juan Luis Castillo, a botanical illustrator from Spain
Subjects include things like birds, butterflies, flowers, fish or dinosaurs. It can't be generic: You have to know the Latin name of what you're painting and it has to be scientifically accurate. 

This premier international exhibition in the field happens every two years, and it is called Focus on Nature. The next exhibition will be in 2019 in Binghamton, New York. They just announced a call for entries. 

It's free to enter.  Four images max. Deadline is October 1. Keep in mind that the jury includes both an artist and a scientist, and the scientific content counts. Here's the entry form and here's more information about the show.
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Timothy Bollenbaugh said...


Either a previous post of this subject or a museum exhibit contained a link to a Beatrix Potter collection of scientific illustrations, leading to a magnificent image of her watercolor rendition of a morel. I've not been able to find the image since and would like to. May even be that it was by a contributor to your comments page.

Thank you for your posts, which have meant much to me, and to others who I refer to them.