Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Electron Microscope Images

(Link to YouTube) The way things look at a tiny scale seems so alien, but so logical at the same time.
There are so many repeating textures of a fractal, organic nature, but very few straight lines or right angles. By scaling up those forms you can provide a lot of originality to your concept art.


Steve said...

Right out of the gate, I was struck by how stylistically similar the micro aspect of the shark — the greatly magnified image of its skin — echoes the macro assemblage of the entire animal. Those are very shark-like forms. The Cyanobacteria at about 4:14 is a perfect drawing of a villain, as imagined by a third grader. Was surprised to see the crisp woven structure of steel at about 7:33.

Watching this triggered an old childhood/adolescence imagining. When I was first introduced to electron microscope images, I wondered if perhaps our world, solar system, and galaxy were just microscopic elements — subatomic particles — of some molecule, which in turn was part of a body so vast we had no concept of our smallness.

Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

Steve: Ditto! Bingo!

James: Kudos for your wonderful selection, and all you've done throughout your postings!

Makes me glad I'm not "...a fly on the wall." as the saying goes—it's a beautiful and frightening realm; spelunking could present some unusual hazards.


rock995 said...

the tapeworm had the scariest face lol

Kathleen Noble said...

I still wonder...

Ellena Jerson said...

this is amazing.. i will share this blog post to all my friends. thanks!
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