Saturday, August 18, 2018

Keeping a Daily Sketchbook

For many years, Samantha Dion Baker, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator has been maintaining a daily commitment to sketching her life.

She reflects each day's errands and discoveries in the form of pen and watercolor sketches, enriched by a combination of written notes and hand lettering. 

Now she has written a book designed to encourage others to do so. The book starts off making the case for the benefits of a regular drawing practice, and then discusses materials and methods. A series of chapters tackles subjects in turn: signage, weather, nature, architecture, quotes, everyday objects, food and drinks, animals, and people.  

You can also get a blank "Draw Your Day Sketchbook" where each page spread has a small spot illustration and a prompt to get you going, such as "Do you have a favorite mug that you drink your coffee or tea out of in the morning? Draw your mug here."

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