Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Thunderstorm Coming

A hard rain is coming. If I don't finish soon, my gouache painting will be ruined. (Link to video on Facebook)


Carole Mayne said...

So exciting to dance with Nature, isn’t it ?? (-:

Charley parker said...

I downloaded your gouache materials PDF, which is generously useful — as usual — thanks.

I notice that you mention water soluble inks for fountain pens, which most of them are. However, if you're not already aware of it, you might like an Ink I've been using called De Atramentis Document Ink.

Unlike even the Noodler's "water resistant" fountain pen inks (nice as they are otherwise) the De Atramentis is absolutely waterproof. Once dry (which is fairly quickly) I can wash over it to my heart's content without smearing or bleed.

I've had some of the De Atramentis brown in my Twsbi Eco fine point fountain pen for months without cleaning, with no indication of skipping of jamming (the Eco is a barrel fill pen, not cartridge converter, and holds a lot of ink — it's also a very nice fountain pen and relatively inexpenssive).

Goulet Pens has a sample vial for $1.75.

James Gurney said...

Hi, Charley, Thanks for that tip. I've always avoided the waterproof inks in my fountain pens for obvious reasons, but maybe I'll give this a try. I do like to add pen line at the end of a drawing rather than the beginning in any event. But I notice that the water soluble inks will sometimes spread out when you draw them over a wash, maybe because the gelatin sizing has been dissolved.

Charley parker said...

Even the De Atramentis spreads slightly when drawing over watercolor. I think you're probably right about the sizing. It's not bad, just a somewhat thicker and less smooth line.